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TECNO Unveils ‘Universal Tone’ – A Multi-Skin Tone Imaging Technology Reflecting Everyone in One Picture

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Revolutionizing smartphone skin tone imaging technology, TECNO celebrates the diverse beauty of humanity with the launch of its multi-skin tone imaging system Universal Tone.

HONG KONG, Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TECNO, a global pioneer in mobile imaging technology, is proud to unveil its latest groundbreaking leap in camera technology, TECNO Universal Tone–the most advanced AI-Powered multi-skin tone imaging technology that integrates the industry’s newest spectral database and insights. Self-developed by TECNO, the technology was enhanced through joint research and development in cooperation with color science academics from leading global universities, with newly collected and analyzed data from scientific research integrated into the system. The Universal Tone technology debuted in the stunning ‘Portrait For Everyone‘ short film produced by BBC StoryWorks on October 25th.

TECNO Universal Tone was created with the goal of capturing accurate and proper representations of the color and texture of every skin tone in smartphone photography. The technology truly represents the unique beauty of every skin color and texture, while also delivering fully enhanced portraits that cater to consumers’ individual preferences.

“TECNO has always viewed technological development as a way to give consumers a more positive mindset towards society and the future,” said Jack Guo, General Manager of TECNO. “TECNO Universal Tone embodies this mission. It utilizes a rigorous scientific, data-based approach to promote more accurately representative imaging and ensure a truer reflection of the diverse beauty of our users all around the world. Doing so we are making sure every face is seen in one picture. “

TECNO Universtal Tone technology combines three engines into one unified powerhouse: a Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine, a Local-Tuning Engine, and an AI-Powered Computational Portrait Engine.

  • The Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine represents the pinnacle of inclusivity in skin tone imaging technology with a more scientific approach than seen in previous AI-based skin tone technologies. It utilizes the newly collected largest diversified spectral database especially covering frequently overlooked skin colors in the industry with cutting-edge academic research methodologies, encompassing a vast range of skin tones in order to eliminate bias within the technology. This technology allows for the creation of an inclusive skin tone scale and fine-tuning of algorithms for precise skin tone representation.
  • The Local-Tuning Engine is dedicated to tuning images for diverse real-world scenarios. It carefully considers local environments, lighting conditions, geomorphological landscapes, and color temperatures to achieve a harmonious and perfect output of people and their surroundings. Each tuning solution is tailor-made for different regions and countries to capture the essence of every locale.
  • The AI-Powered Computational Portrait Engine employs TECNO’s self-developed algorithms and portrait system platform to create a personalized and localized portrait imaging experience. By taking into consideration localized aesthetic and cultural preferences, facial features, and skin tones unique to each region, this computational portrait platform delivers tailored portrait enhancement solutions. These include enhanced skin tone accuracy, skin texture, skin tone imaging optimization, and personalized beauty enhancements, ensuring that portraits reflect the individual’s beauty from a psychological perspective.

Working in synergy, these three engines bring out the best in TECNO Universal Tone. First, the Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine calibrates and enhances different skin tone colors. Subsequently, the Local-Tuning Engine supports restructuring of facial tones and analyzes the surrounding environment to reconstruct shading, achieving optimal results for each region and scenario. Finally, the AI-Powered Computational Portrait Engine applies a personalized and customized algorithm that aligns with regional aesthetic preferences and insights. This includes preserving unique features such as beauty marks and birthmarks while enhancing facial lines, creating natural, three-dimensional, and textured portraits.

Dr Kaida Xiao, Associate Professor in Colour and Imaging Science at the University of Leeds, who advise TECNO during the development of Universal Tone: “TECNO and I take a data-based approach in order to develop accurate color cards for each skin tone within the Universal Tone technology, which means users will no longer have to accept overexposed or desaturated skin tones caused by biased data. The research that we conduct enabled us to train the Universal Tone algorithms in an unbiased and accurate way, so users will be able to capture images that celebrate true diversity.”

Ultimately, TECNO Universal Tone ensures that when multiple people with different skin tones appear in the same frame, each individual skin tone can be accurately identified and beautifully optimized. In contrast to many other smartphone imaging technologies, Universal Tone’s “personalized” portrait imaging not only respects the original characteristics of diverse skin tones, it also emphasizes the important psychological aspect of capturing portraits that allow users to feel truly represented. Overall, Universal Tone sets a new industry standard through the ability to capture the beauty of diversity, celebrate individuality, and deliver true-to-life portraits that authentically reflect our shared humanity.

As a user-centric brand with a glocalized strategy, TECNO is guided by its “Stop At Nothing” philosophy to constantly pursue new technologies that deliver the greatest possible experience. The development of TECNO Universal Tone marks another significant milestone in the brand’s journey to creating a more inclusive smartphone industry and underlines its ongoing commitment to innovation that uplifts and enhances the lifestyles of users all over the world.

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