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UN calls for greater female representation in police forces worldwide

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On the inaugural International Day of Police CooperationUN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres emphasized the pivotal role women officers play in global policing. He underscored the importance of their contributions, noting that when more women join the police force, it paves the way for a “safer future for everyone.”

Women in the police force aren’t just token representatives; they actively enhance justice delivery, especially for victims of gender-based violence. Such victims often feel more comfortable seeking assistance from women officers. Furthermore, women officers contribute significantly across all domains of policing, be it crime prevention, criminal investigations, or upholding human rights.

A diverse police force, mirroring the society it represents, can foster greater trust within the community. This trust can subsequently lead to improved safety measures and more efficient service delivery. Therefore, it’s imperative that police forces globally reflect the diverse composition of their respective societies.

However, there’s more work to be done. True transformation within police organizations will be seen when there’s a deeper understanding of the hurdles faced by women officers. Addressing these challenges will ensure their full, equal, and impactful participation in all functions of the police force.

The UN’s emphasis on the International Day of Police Cooperation serves as a global call to arms. Societies are encouraged to push for police reforms, allowing women officers to establish robust careers in law enforcement, bolstered by the rule of law. The day not only amplifies the significance of policing but also celebrates the world’s law enforcement community’s vital contributions to global security.

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