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Volt Approaches 500K TPS for <$2.50 Per Hour on YCSB

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BEDFORD, Mass., Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Volt’s latest Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB) shows the cost-effectiveness of the Volt Active Data Platform at scale on Amazon hardware.

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YCSB is an important NoSQL benchmark suite used to evaluate the performance of modern data platforms. This latest benchmark showed an out-of-the-box Volt configuration can easily hit just under 500K TPS for less than US$2.50/hour on Amazon hardware.

“This is a tremendous result for an industry-standard benchmark used to evaluate today’s most popular and powerful data platforms,” Volt CEO David Flower said. “It proves what we’ve always said: we’re very fast, but more importantly we’re very fast without forcing compromises.”

Volt has done previous YCSB tests before, but on this one decided to focus on seeing how well it would scale and how that impacted TCO.

“We wanted to look at TCO to make the numbers real and to allow companies evaluating various data platform technologies to make better choices,” Volt Chief Product Officer Dheeraj Remella said. “We want people to try it out for themselves and reproduce these results.”

The YCSB benchmark provides an excellent framework for demonstrating Volt’s differentiation in real-time data processing. As the only data platform that combines the immediacy of event stream processing with the state-based consistency of an in-memory database and the decisioning intelligence of a sophisticated rules engine, Volt is well suited to power the kinds of applications that YCSB followers are being tasked to build: applications that can’t afford to compromise on speed, scale, or consistency.

To read more about this latest YCSB, see the blog.

About Volt Active Data

The Volt Active Data Platform enables companies to unlock the full value of their data and applications by making it possible to have scale without compromising on speed, accuracy, or consistency. Based on a simplified stack and an ingest-to-action layer that can perform sub 10-millisecond decisioning, Volt’s unique, no-compromises foundation gives enterprises the ability to maximize the ROI of their 5G, IoT, AI/ML, and other investments, ensure “five 9’s” uptime, prevent fraud and intrusion, deliver hyper-personalized customer engagement, and save on operational costs.

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